25 Things That Make Me Smile

Even though the days are getting short and wet, there are still a load of reasons to be cheerful. Hayley from ThriceUponADream shared 25 things that make her smile here and challenged me to do the same. So, without further ado, here are 25 things that make me smile!


Of course my pup makes me smile. He’s just so adorable, and does hilarious things on a daily basis, and is definitely the cutest when he snores.

2.Stand Up Comedy

Smile or laugh? I guess I can add stand up comedy. It’s my go to activity for a date night, a birthday event, or something light-hearted to stick on the TV.

3.The Dawn Chorus

What’s that? Only the beautiful sound of birds in the morning.


My friends know I am the meme queen. I’m not sure I could go a day without scrolling through Facebook or Instagram to see some of the dankest memes.

5.Viral Videos

Whether it’s a kid telling his dad he’s going to punch off Father Christmas’ beard, or Fenton the dog chasing some deer, I’m obsessed with viral videos.

6.When kids say daft things

‘What’s an event that occurs in Gothic texts?’


What?! I know you shouldn’t laugh at kids, but they are comedy geniuses, without even realising it.

7.Free food

A few years ago, some friends and I were somehow given some illicit nachos at a popular Mexican food chain. You bet a big grin spreads across my face every time I see free food in the office too!

8.My family

I love my family – they can always make me smile. My brother, Dan, graduated a few weeks ago, and I got a little case of Proud Sister Syndrome. The boy got a First Class degree in Sports and Exercise Science… A FIRST!

9.When Arsenal win

especially since it isn’t always easy…

10.My Year 13 class

Never met a group of young people who can turn anything and everything into an innuendo. There are 12 of them, and they all brighten my day as soon as they enter the room!

12. Katelyn Ohashi’s floor routine

11. No traffic

How could you not smile if you manage a drive to or from work with no traffic at all?

12.Breakfast at an airport

Airport breakfasts are always better than any other breakfast. Probably because you are about to be jetting off on your holidays.

13.New followers and subscribers

I know numbers aren’t everything in blogging, but it does make me smile when I meet a new follower who engages with my content.

14.Literary Walks

I love exploring locations that have literary history and heritage like Haworth or Stratford-Upon-Avon. Yes, I know I’m a nerd!

Haworth Village Centre

15.School Holidays

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But I also love having a bit of time to relax and refresh too.


Might sound a little strange, but I always feel good when I’m aching from a solid work out!

17.Dan’s photography

Yes, most of my photos are actually taken by Dan on our travels. He just has a better eye for angles, light and arrangement than I do, and I’m always impressed.

18.Reading a good book!

Sometimes even re-reading.

19.A lit outfit

Most of the time, I feel like a fat frump, but sometimes… just sometimes… I wear an outfit and I feel like I’m on fire!

20.Seeing wild birds of prey

I love birds, and really enjoy bird displays. No bird display is as exciting as spotting a wild bird of prey circling the skies. In Mexico, Dan and I spotted a huge brown pelican, and it was incredible. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

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21.When a student makes progress

By progress, I mean academically: they worked hard and their grades start to improve. I can’t help but smile when they write something truly thoughtful and critical, and I know that I’m helping them succeed.

22.Pornstar Martinis

Need I say more?

23.Mans Not Hot

I’ll be smiling, and singing along, and dancing every time Big Shaq comes on.

24.Ice Cream Selfie!

And last, but not least…


We’ve been together nearly four years, been through weddings and funerals, and committed to a house and a dog. He takes me on holidays, buys me nice things, and doesn’t get too wound up by my highly strung personality (I hope). Plus, he’s a funny guy. I wouldn’t want anyone else.



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