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5 cost effective ways to make a visual impact in your home

Sponsored content| After spending so long in our homes over the last year, I’m sure many of us are sick of the sight of our four walls. Perhaps your bathroom is looking a little bland, or you want your lounge to stand out as the focal room in your house. I certainly have made a list of all the little changes I want to make that I think will make a huge difference. However, lots of us have found the last few months difficult on our bank balances. Here are five cost effective ideas for decoration that can make a huge visual impact in your home.

Pops of colour

Use of dramatic colours is the simplest way to make a visual impact in your home. I am a huge fan of a feature wall. In my back room, I have one bright orange wall, and in my lounge, a navy one. The cost of a large paint tin is usually less than £25, so painting a feature wall is a cost effective way to make a change.

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Bold patterns can also make a great visual impact on your home. There’s a major trend for painting monochrome patterns on bathroom tiles that I’m absolutely loving at the moment. If tiles are a little too complex for you, how about a statement chair or curtains. Bright patterns definitely draw the eye, especially if the rest of the room is very neutral, or white. You can easily do this with soft furnishings and wall art too. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy some new, bold cushion covers, or a few quirky prints.

You don’t want to overload your room with patterns though, just like you wouldn’t contrast too many patterns in an outfit. Clashes can be eye catching, but not in a pleasant way.

Reposition your furniture

Perhaps the cheapest way people use decoration to catch your eye is simply moving furniture and décor around. Quite often, we keep our furniture in the same place throughout the whole time we live in our home!

The power of Feng Shui is real. Just moving your bed from underneath the window to the adjacent wall means you could wake up to the sight of blue skies. We also tend to keep our sofas pressed against our walls. If space permits, have you thought about putting your sofa in the middle of the room to create the illusion of two rooms instead of one?

Wall stickers or stencils

On the topic of wall art, stickers and stencils are an easy and cost effective option for decoration to catch your eye. Images can be perfect for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, and quotations might be better for that angsty teen in your life. We are slightly past the Live, Life, Love era, but not past having your favourite song lyric in print form, or plastered on a wall.

With access to a printer, you can easily make your own digital prints or stencils, but if there isn’t a font that takes your fancy, you can find anything from cursive to tattoo fonts online to download and personalise. What ten year old boy wouldn’t want his own name in angry, masculine swirls on his door?

Declutter and clean

If you flick through homes on estate agents’ sites, I bet you’d find yourself drawn to those with the least clutter. Everyone loves a show home, really. Do you need that fruit bowl that only ever has mouldy tangerines in? Do you need those little, ceramic piggies on your mantlepiece? Ditch the knick knacks, the old books, and the cabinet full of tacky figurines. Instead find a statement sculpture or antique (within your budget, of course) that you absolutely love to display as a centrepiece.

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Invest in plants

Plants are very cost effective ideas for decoration. You can easily get hold of indoor plants in garden centres and DIY stores for under £50. I’m a fan of orchids for their colours, but they do take a lot of work to maintain. In my opinion, large, leafy plants like swiss cheese plants, or peace lilies can be just as beautiful and eye catching. Tall plants can add height to your room, and climbers like devil’s ivy can add a little excitement to a bookshelf or windowsill.

Moreover, if you do keep your room of choice clutter free, your choice of plant becomes the decoration that catches your eye whenever you enter.

See how easy it is to make a visual impact in your home on a budget? This is the year to rejuvenate your home and fall in love with it all over again.


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