All About Britvoyage!

Hi, and welcome to BritVoyage! A blog all about lifestyle and travel in Britain. It’s a stunning country, with millions of independent businesses, quirks and cultures, so I want to help you make the most of life here.

I’m Georgia, a resident Briton, but I usually go by George. I’ve been living in Essex since I was about 12, and have spent many a childhood summer with my parents exploring the south west coasts of England. My dad is a London cabbie, so for as long as I can remember, he took me to famous landmarks in London, although I didn’t appreciate it as much as I could have!

I went to university in London to study Literature and Cultural Studies, and realised the beauty and appeal of the city. Everything moves at 100 miles an hour and it’s horribly easy to get distracted by architecture, some sort of street event, or simply a shop! Then I trained to teach, and I’ve been working as an English teacher in Essex ever since. Although, I really do want to go back and do a Masters!

After meeting my partner, Dan, we realised that we really enjoyed driving to the north of England and exploring the countryside, seeing waterfalls, climbing mountains, and eating in quaint tea shops. We bought a house in Benfleet, Essex in 2017, so now we’re the real deal. He’s a huge feature in all my posts, as will be our puppy, Ted, as we picked him up early February 2019.


Other things worth knowing about me

  • I love literature and will randomly reference authors and poets in my writing, as well as specifically seeing places related to literary figures.
  • I have a real sugar addiction (blame my dad) and I’m one of those animals that has two sugars in a tea. It’s the reason I’m steadily gaining 5lb each year. (I try to blame increasing muscle mass but I think that’s only partially true)
  • I have been kickboxing since May 2018 and am working my way up grades with Phoenix School of Martial Arts, who are awesome. Plus, I am also working out with Warrior Women to improve skill and fitness. I may write about this every now and again, especially near grading time!
  • I used to blog on TimeStrappedTravellers, but I fell out of love with the site and decided to rebrand, so yes, you may see edited versions of posts you’ve seen before.
  • I am so up for blog collaborations or working with small businesses across Great Britain.

My Favourite Posts

Lastly, let me just say I am so excited for what this venture brings, and how and if I can inspire any of you in your travels around Great Britain.


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