What Bloggers Love About Britain – May 2019

This month's featured blogger is Hannah, a fabulous blogger and an Essex resident, like me. Hannah writes illuminating reviews of books, eateries, experiences, and travel, and has a gorgeous Instagram page. Read on to find out what she loves about Britain! Instagram: pages.places.plates Twitter: PagePlacePlate Growing up in Britain it can be easy to forget … Continue reading What Bloggers Love About Britain – May 2019

Three Ways To Keep Fit On Your Next Staycation

Whether you're alone, with a partner, with your pets, or with your kids, staycations can be a brilliant alternative to an expensive holiday abroad. I am a huge advocate of spending time exploring your own country, but with an abundance of food, without the security of your gym or exercise class, or hotel gym and free exercise sessions run by the entertainment team, I know it can be hard to remain motivated to keep fit.

Travelfails – Home Invasion

Despite what Instagram leads you to believe, holidays and travelling aren't always picture perfect. Everyone knows that when you step out of your comfort zone, there's a risk of serious unfortunate events occurring, be it lost luggage, crime, or a 'holiday belly' - if you know what I mean. But, even if the logistics of your holiday goes swimmingly, there's always a chance of a classic #travelfail.