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The Best Things to do in Meon Valley

Guest post| Hi there! I’m Supal and run the travel lifestyle blog Chevrons & Éclairs!  I’m an American and was fortunate enough to live in the UK for 6 years for graduate school and then to work. During my time living in the UK, I took full advantage to explore a country that had so much to offer from towns full of history, cities with a buzzing nightlife, and countryside escapes that are good for the soul. One of my favorite escapes from London, that I took often, was to the Meon Valley nestled within Hampshire. It has so much to offer but also gives you the relaxing escape you’re looking for. After a few visits, I felt as if Meon Valley deserved some recognition. So I thought I’d share my list of the best things to do in the Meon Valley!

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The moment you enter the county limits of Hampshire in southern England, you’ll notice that the city life thins out. You’ll find lush vegetation, undisrupted trails, and big and small animals. The roads become narrow and windey and you will feel very connected to nature. I may have described the most ideal setting for anyone interested in camping for the weekend, and if you’re anything like me then glamping for the weekend it is! There are lots of camping grounds that offer incredible facilities along with the supplies to fly fishing, clay shooting and biking. I loved taking a couple of books with me and took the opportunity to get lost in a good story. 

Visit the Thomas Lord Pub

One of the best things to do in Meon Valley is to visit all the pubs. It speaks to the British culture to enjoy a pint or pimms at a local pub, so that’s what I did! One of the best pubs I visited in Meon Valley, and probably all of the UK, was the Thomas Lord Pub in West Meon. For the warmer days, I suggest taking your drink and gourmet bar food outside in the garden where you can enjoy the sun and wildflowers. If you’re looking for a nice dinner in the area, then make this the stop. The food is upscale, fresh and delicious!

Enjoy a Meon Valley Cider

Just to stem off of your trip to Thomas Lord Pub, one of the best things to do in Meon Valley is to support local. There are plenty of small local vendors in the area that make some of the best artisinal goods! I was lucky enough to come across the Meon Valley Cider in one of the pubs and consider it one of my favorites now! It’s made with local apples from Hampshire and Sussex. There are a variety of them, so try to get your hands on one!

South Downs National Park

If you’re going to make the effort to go to Meon Valley then you have to visit South Downs National Park. You consider it one of nature’s wonders of the world with all its beautiful views and variety of vegetation. You won’t find anything like it! There are plenty of hidden gems within the park that is situated in Meon Valley.

Long Country Walks

If you’re staying at a bed and breakfast or plan to go glamping for the weekend, you have to put aside time for taking a long country walk. It’s easily one of the best things to do in Meon Valley as any regular walk can lead you to a village, an epic view, or a field of flowers! I had a lovely time going on long walks with my camera as there was no bad view!

I hope you do visit Meon Valley! It’s a hidden gem that has so much to offer. Have you ever been before?

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