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Need inspiration? Our Christmas Decorations 2020

This year, since we ended up with a little extra time, we finally redecorated our living room. Instead of dodgy silver wallpaper and contrasting blue and pink soft furnishings, we now have a bold navy and silver colour scheme. So, there was no way we were going to use the pink, purple, and blue Christmas decorations of yesteryear. We needed something new!

The Tree

We actually used to use two trees – one in our living room and one in the ‘orangery’. Since baby was coming, and I was 39 weeks pregnant when we decorated, we were only going to manage one tree. We have a collection of red and gold rustic decorations that we used for the orangery tree, so we thought it might work to bring them into the living room.

I already knew that we needed a little bit of navy to match the rest of the room, so went to a couple of local garden centres to get my hands on some. I decided on these, spending a little under £20 for the lot!

Navy blue themed rustic Christmas decorations

Taking my own advice, I made putting up the Christmas decorations into a party! I stuck a chicken in the oven, with stuffing, and roast potatoes, and got down to decorating. Since I was 37 weeks pregnant, I tried to rope Dan in to help me, but what ended up happening was he sat on the sofa telling me where to put decorations. It really should have been the other way round!

Thinking about presents

This year, we are very well prepared with presents, but Dan and I were a little cautious about putting them under the tree. Ted is a good boy, but I’m not sure I could completely trust him not to start digging around, tearing off paper, or marking his territory on them when we weren’t in the room. Also, with a baby on the way, we realised that a toddler could be just as destructive.

Dan’s idea was to use some of the boxes that we have received Christmas presents in to act as dummy presents. That way, if they do get ripped open, or peed on, it won’t matter! So of course I spent half an hour wrapping empty boxes. On the plus side, I can put them away when January comes, and use them again next year.

Other Christmas Decorations

To really create a little magic, I wanted to decorate the rest of the house, rather than just a tree. While I was in one of the garden centres, I invested in a wreath to match the tree, and a cute festive door mat – in the same colour scheme, of course. After the year we had, I wanted to go a little over the top.

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Then I had a spark of creativity! A few months ago, we had purchased a couple of decorative lanterns (discounted, of course) from Laura Ashley. I used a couple of battery powered LED lights and left over baubles to create a festive lantern decoration for our living room and our orangery. It was dead easy, and is something I could reproduce each year.

Home made Christmas decoration - blue and silver baubles with battery operated lights in a silver lantern

I’m pretty pleased with how our living room is looking this December, but I’m always open to ideas. What do you think? What could I do next year?


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