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General Disclosure

BritVoyage is committed to providing information on lifestyle and travelling in the UK, but it is not written by a travel agent. The information published on this site is based off information available online and does not constitute actual prices of a holiday.  All experiences and opinions published on this site are the personal experiences and opinions of authors, but we try our best to keep things fair and honest to give you the best information. 

Independent Review

Much of my content is based on review and recommendation. In these cases, I will have paid in full for a product, service or experience, and would in no way be affiliated or sponsored by the brand. These posts, and related social media content, will not begin with a disclaimer.

Gifted Products or Services

Sometimes, businesses or brands will send me products in accordance with my Gifting Policy. The word ‘gifted‘ or sentence ‘This post includes gifted items‘ will be added to the beginning of posts that feature a gifted item or service.

Sponsored Posts

I may be sponsored to write posts for companies or clients. Each post that is sponsored will clearly state so by use of the word ‘sponsored‘ or ‘Collaborative post‘ at the beginning. I will only accept sponsored posts for content, opinions, companies and clients that I support.

I may also publish blog posts advertising a product or service. In these cases, the product or service would be gifted, and I will have received additional sponsorship. The word ‘AD‘ will be clearly added to the beginning of these posts.

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I may be an affiliate for products that align with the website. Each blog post that contains affiliate links will clearly state so at the beginning.

I am very selective in choosing affiliates and only promote products or services that I respect. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. However, when you order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you great content.

Guest Posts

Sometimes, other bloggers will write content for Britvoyage, which I will publish. No money will have exchanged in these circumstances, and the posts may include backlinks to the original author’s website. The word ‘Guest post‘ will be clearly stated in these cases.

Sometimes, a business may ask me to host a guest post for them to advertise their products. These posts are paid, and include links back to the business websites. The phrase ‘Sponsored guest post‘ will be clearly stated in these cases.