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Five Yorkshire Locations Worth Visiting This Summer

I’m no expert, but I’ve been on a few trips to Yorkshire over the past couple of years, and have built up a little cache of attractions to recommend to potential Yorkshire visitors. If you’re off to visit England’s largest county, check out my recommendations – you might find somewhere you fancy.

5. The Coldstones Cut

Ever played Fallout? Standing at the top of The Coldstones Cut, overlooking the quarry, I felt as though I could be the Vault Dweller. I sort of expected to see some super mutants jump out and start shooting at me.

It’s an enormous art installation – Yorkshire’s biggest and highest public artwork – created by Andrew Sabin. At the top of the installation, there’s a wealth of information about the neighbouring quarry, rock formations and geology in general, so as well as being an awe-inspiring location, it’s educational too.

From the other direction is what seems like miles of wasteland – well, moorlands really, and is worth a trek if you have a day to spend in your walking boots.

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4. Hawes

In all places we’ve stayed, the people of Hawes are by far the most friendly and welcoming. In every shop or place to eat we were greeted with a smile by workers and public alike, even though it was obvious we were a couple of Southern town folk.

Perhaps the beautiful surroundings contribute to such a friendly population! Gayle Beck runs through the town, and the River Ure is only a few 100 metres away, weaving through sheep filled farmland. Plus, only half an hour away is Hardraw, where you’ll find Hardraw Force.

Hardraw Force

Back in Hawes though, there are an array of cheerful pubs and home decor shops to enjoy, as well as a delicious fish and chip shop. When we visited, there was a craft market in the town hall, so keep an eye out for it.

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3. York

Can anyone explore Yorkshire without wanting to visit the city? Of course, it’s not the only city in Yorkshire, but it is one packed to the brim with culture and history.

A Jorvik Pastport permits entry to five historic attractions; it’s free to walk the city walls; the shops are open throughout the day. The real pinnacle of the city is York’s Chocolate Story – an interactive museum of the history of confectionery in England. As well as indulging in tasters, you’ll be sent on your way with a chocolate lolly you can decorate.

Once the day is done, the city really comes alive. There are what seems like hundreds of bars in such a small area, and although I was put off by racegoers (I visited during the August racing festival), I spotted a number of classy and reasonably priced bars.

The icing on the cake was the comedy club. It’s open once a month in the basement of the City Screen Picturehouse, and is such an intimate venue that you’re almost guaranteed to be ripped to shreds by the acts.

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2. Malham

Malham was the first Yorkshire location I visited for a holiday, and wow did I start big! Although it’s such a small village, it left a huge mark on my heart.

Malham Cove

The location is simply stunning. I can safely say I have not seen a landscape more awe-inspiring than Malham Cove, and the circular walk of the area is the perfect adventure for a first time hiker. Although there isn’t much else in the way of entertainment, the village has a number of pubs to spend time in, some of them dog-friendly too!

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1. Haworth

In my humble opinion, Haworth is the place in Yorkshire to visit for a day. It was the home of the Bronte family, and retains a true Victorian charm with hills, cobbled streets, and quirky shops. It’s true, you could spend the day mooching through the church, the local businesses, and the Bronte museum, but Haworth is a location worth exploring.

Talk to the tourism office to get a map for directions to Bronte Bridge, a picturesque spot an hour’s hike from the village centre, and if you’re an expert, walk on to reach Top Withens, the alleged inspiration for Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.


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