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Changing a neutral room into a nursery for a girl

Our baby girl was due December 2020, but unlike many people, we didn’t want to find out her sex. The midwives were surprised when I said we weren’t finding out, and asked how we were possibly going to prepare, but I already had it figured out. I’d prepare for a baby, without a sex or gender, then adapt once they were born. Other than thinking about clothing choices, we had to prepare her bedroom, so started with a more unisex style, then adapted to baby girl nursery decor once she was born.

Neutral walls

We actually painted the walls before we were even expecting. I anticipated that we would be having a baby soon, so chose colours that I thought would work for a boy or a girl: pale yellow and grey. We decided on a dark grey carpet, so we painted three walls yellow, and the wall adjacent to the door a light grey as a contrast. Of course we had to have thick grey curtains to match. Obviously, the usual choice for baby girl nursery decor would be pink, but I think pale yellow and grey can be cute, and easily accessorised.

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Fun furniture

Once we knew we were expecting, we had to start purchasing furniture. Initially, I had wanted a classy, grey nursery set, but Dan wanted something ‘kiddier’, that we wouldn’t mind the baby sticking things on, or drawing on as they got older… good point. Another key element we needed from the furniture was for something to fit into the tiny space between the wall and protruding chimney cavity.

We spotted a cool, cheap set in IKEA one afternoon, and quickly realised that the wardrobe was slim enough to fit in the gap! Well, the decision was made there and then, but we had a more pressing issue – what colour doors we would choose. Our options were white, pink, blue, red, or green, and as we didn’t know the gender, you’d think we’d pick white… No. Dan liked the blue, and to be honest, I liked the blue too.

Blue isn’t always for boys!

Little touches

Just like that, our baby girl was born, and we needed to personalise her room with accessories. We needed a lamp, so opted for a pink and rose gold standing lamp. It will have to move once she’s old enough to toddle and pull it over, but for now, it can live next to her cot. I actually really liked the blend of colours. The pink, yellow, and blue are all pastel colours, which is actually quite feminine.

We also committed to some wall stickers from a small business. Dan really liked the idea of a growth chart on the chimney, and I was on board, so we picked a style that would match the lamp we had just bought. While scanning the Enchanted Interiors site, we found these pink hot air balloons that I really liked, so stuck them in the basket too. They were surprisingly easy to put up when they arrived; I haven’t tried, but apparently they are as easy to take off and move around too.

Now we just need to wait for our little girl to be big enough to move in and add her own little touches… like crayon, and nail polish. At least it looks great now!

If you have any other ideas for quirky little touches that look great in a little girl’s room, let me know!

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