Healthy Living – September 2019

In comparison to my other posts, this one is a little different. Health and fitness has never really been on my radar, but now that I’m getting old, I realise that I need to take a little more care of my body. Just five years ago, I was doing 10 minutes of yoga a day, eating mounds of junk food, smoking cigarettes, binge drinking, and wearing a UK size 8-10.

Now, two stone heavier and a dress size up, I need to try to reverse the damage that my early twenties did to my body. I’ll be using this monthly feature to track my progress. Instead of monthly targets which might be a little unrealistic to stick to, I’m going to be setting myself quarterly targets, some general, some specific to kickboxing requirements.

Target: Due Week One December

  • 10st 7lb
  • 30 push ups; 35 sit ups; 35 squat thrusts; 4 minutes skipping
  • Exercise four times a week
  • Plan meals in advance to ensure I eat breakfast and a balanced lunch every day

Week One

Exercise: I only managed to exercise once, since this week was ‘back to school’ week and I was exhausted. Due to a wrist injury that I’ve been suffering with since March, I’ve not been able to do push ups for a while. This week, I did 30 push ups from my knees without any pain, which was amazing, although I still can’t do any squat thrusts. I did however complete 49 sit ups, and my core cried.

Food: This week I planned out my meals in advance, but did cave on a takeaway pizza on Monday because I was just too tired to cook. I’ve eaten lunches of salad and Italian cured meats, and had breakfast of a croissant every day. Because of a rather hectic morning schedule, I need to eat a breakfast that is quick and not messy. I know a pastry isn’t the best choice, but at least eating breakfast is a good start.

Week Two

Exercise: I missed kickboxing this week for a food related issue. Idiot me ate some processed mashed potato and bloated to the size of a 6 month pregnant woman twenty minutes before I had to leave. To make up for it, I got myself to the gym first thing on Saturday morning to do an arm and ab workout, then took Ted for an hour long walk.

Food: Okay, daily breakfast didn’t last long; by Wednesday I was skipping breakfast entirely and relying on an 11am biscuit. Lunch and dinner during the week were quite healthy – salad, small portions, fish and white meat (other than processed mash night). By the weekend, it was all out the window. Dan was out all Saturday, and had his friend over on Sunday, so of course I caved again and had a takeaway. 

Week Three

Exercise: This week I dug out my Fitbit and started tracking my steps again. Most days I managed over 10k – on Thursday I somehow topped 12k! I also made it to kickboxing this week, where I did an intense circuit, as well as 10 rounds of five press ups and one minute of skipping. The ache that I had the next day was worth the work out. Oddly enough, I love the pain of DOMS. 

Food: When I ordered the shopping, I made sure I added some Greek yoghurt that I could have for breakfast, and unlike the previous week, I stuck to a daily breakfast all week. I didn’t notice a major difference in how I felt, but I don’t think I snacked as much as I usually would during the day. This week, I also managed to steer away from takeaways. Dan and I did go out for a dinner of Pan Asian cuisine, and I did have a couple of slices of birthday cake across the seven day period, but no fast food.

Week Four

Exercise: According to Fitbit, from Monday to Friday, I walked 47,200 steps, which is pretty good for me. I had an intense workout on Monday, and completely overdid it. I said I liked DOMS, but not when I literally cannot walk! By Saturday, the illness that had swept through my workplace finally hit me, so I substituted Saturday gym for a couple of long walks with Ted.

Food: This week, I broke breakfast and lunch into three, really small meals, and found I snacked significantly less in the evenings. It was open evening at work on Thursday, so I did have to grab McDonalds on the way home at half 8 so Dan could eat before work. I should have only got something for him, but I was tired and in desperate need for salt and carbs.



By week four, two people told me I was looking a little slimmer than usual. My urge to snack on chocolate and cake is not as intense as it has been, and I hope that in October, I can cut out all post-dinner snacks. I managed one hour of exercise every week, which is not enough to make a major difference, but it’s something I can build on. There’s no point in doing five days of workouts one week to burn out and do nothing for the next three weeks. It’s a slow start, but it’s a start nonetheless.

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