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Turn your bathroom into a home spa experience

Have the lockdown and January Blues got to you a little? They’ve definitely got to me, so it’s time for a little bit of self care. I’m a huge fan of a spa day. There’s nothing better than lounging around in a dressing gown, having massages and facials, and splashing about in a jacuzzi. Since we’re stuck indoors, why not create a home spa experience, and turn your bathroom into a spathroom?

Step 1 – prep your ‘spathroom’

The first thing you need to do is prep the room. I do this by giving the bathroom a huge deep clean, after all, you never see grot in Champneys. Get rid of all the random toiletries you have living on the side of your bath so you have some space to lay back and relax. I might even use this time to do a rubbish run and throw away all the crusty bottles that have been festering away for a year.

Then think carefully about the products you want to bring into your relaxation space. I love a scented candle, and I know many friends and bloggers who use a bath caddy to store an ipad, book, or snacks. A friend of mine loves her pom pom fairy lights – kept a safe distance from any water of course. Getting electrocuted is not relaxing in the slightest. With this in mind, try not to re-clutter the area with knick knacks: your spathroom should be a serene space for ultimate relaxation.

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Step 2 – self care

A home spa experience should take as long as a professional experience. Set aside a couple of hours for self care before you jump in the bath in your brand new spathroom.

I like to give myself a mini-mani/pedi to neaten everything up and to soften my skin. Pre bath is a good time to try one of those skin softening foot mask booties. I also like to use this time to use a face mask – no, not the Covid kind. You might want to go all out to be able to really enjoy your bath by washing, exfoliating, and hair removal (if you’re a DIY girl like me) before you run your bath.

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Step 3 – bath time

After my self care session is when I run my bath. Personally, I like one that’s hot enough to shock the devil, and filled with either bubble bath or scented oils. The scented bath oils were an absolute lifesaver when I was pregnant and I swear by them now. Then, if you can, dim the lights and light your candles.

This is not the time to wash your hair! When in the bath, sit back, watch a movie or TV show, read a bit of your book, listen to your favourite music or podcast. Let the hot water and steam open your pores, relax your muscles, and take away all your stress.

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Step 4 – post bath

Now you’re probably shrivelled like a prune but feeling like a new woman, or man. Your home spa experience isn’t quite over yet.

Start your ending by moisturising. Those fancy moisturisers are great, but I do love the feel and smell of cocoa butter after a long bath. Then pull on a fresh pair of jammies, paint your nails, and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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Reader, it won’t be long before January is over, before winter is over, and hopefully, before Covid is over. Take quality time for yourself and protect your mental health.


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