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My London Wishlist for 2019

As a Londoner by birth, I think I’ve seen a lot of London already. Most of the big attractions like the British Museum, ZSL London Zoo and the Tower of London have already been ticked off my list, and I’ve been lucky enough to delve into some of the lesser known attractions, like the Clink museum and the Old Operating Theatre.

However, there are still a few ‘must-sees’ that I want to explore.

Kensington Palace

It was the home of Queen Victoria and the current home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Since I’ve been to the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace, it makes sense to try and see all the Historic Royal Palaces.

 There’s always some sort of display or collection in the Palace, plus I might get the chance to see some famous faces – perhaps a little prince or princess.

Westminster Abbey

  • La Sagrada Familia – check
  • St Peter’s Basilica – check
  • St Paul’s Cathedral – check
  • Canterbury Cathedral – check.
  • York Minster – check (sort of)

The next cathedral on the list has to be Westminster Cathedral. In-keeping with the royal theme, it was the location of the 2013 Royal Wedding, the location of coronations, and the location of major royal funerals. I think I’ve been before with my parents, but way before I was old enough to really appreciate the location.

Moreover, Westminster Abbey is the resting place of some of the greatest of history – Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Chaucer, Elizabeth I, the unknown soldier. It would be a poignant day to be able to pay my respects to them too.

Portobello Road

Again, a place I’ve been to before I really could appreciate it. I actually did a spot of filming on this street, but was in such a rush to get to the next set that I couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere.

It’s a road full of life, colour and quirky shops. I love antiques, although I rarely ever buy any, so I’d have a great time nosing at old stuff! I might even manage to come home with a new treat.

Cabinet War rooms

 Despite all his errs and faults, Churchill is one of the most recognised figures in British politics. The Cabinet War Rooms, also recognised as the Churchill War Rooms, are less about Churchill and more about Britain’s response to World War Two.

I really enjoyed the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth and HMS Belfast, so I can’t see why I wouldn’t enjoy exploring the rooms where some of the decisions that made a difference to the war effort were made.

Kew Gardens

 This is my final revisit location on the list. My parents took me to Kew Gardens when I was a child, primarily because I think my mum liked gardens – she did have the entire collection of Ground Force folders from the early 2000s.

As I’ve got older, I realised that I also quite enjoy a garden, and in all honesty, I loved the rose garden and waterfall in Regent’s Park when I was 15, so I’m not surprised. I’m quite fascinated to see some of the world’s rarest plants on a warm summer’s day.

Ice skate at the Tower of London

 This one is a bit more trivial. I really enjoy ice skating and I really enjoy the Tower of London, so why not combine the two? Clearly, this is limited to ice skating season, so I’ll have a long wait, but I thought I’d add it to the list.

However, the Tower isn’t the only location where you can go ice skating in London during the winter: the Natural History Museum, Winter Wonderland, Hampton Court Palace, Somerset House, all build an ice rink which serves skaters from all corners of London.

Have you been to any of these London attractions? What did you think? Or are there some that you are desperate to see in 2019? Leave me a comment below!



  • Clazz - An Orcadian Abroad

    There’s sooo much I want to do in London! I also went to Portobello Road before I really appreciated it. My one memory of it was doing a scavenger hunt with some friends, and one of them (male) wore a dress and walked down Portobello Road, hahahaha!!! I’d like to go back, and also the walk along the canal to Little Venice is on my list, and the Hunterian Museum (which I think is still closed for a refurb), and Highgate Cemetery! I haven’t been to Hampton Court or Kensington, either. I’m down in a couple of weeks for the weekend, so I might have to tick some things off. 🙂

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