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Gamer date ideas you just have to try

Sponsored content| An online lifestyle, and explosion of dating apps have transformed the way in which young people are dating now. Over the last year especially, young couples have been forced apart, and single people have been unable to meet their next love. My own brother hadn’t seen his girlfriend of six years for nearly three months! I’ve done long distance before, and it sucks, but there are ways that you can make online dating work for your new or established relationship.

Dating, even online dating, is meant to be fun. What’s more fun than playing games? Gamer dates are a great way to spend quality time together, in the safety of your own home, whether you are single and looking for love in the midst of a pandemic, or forced into a long distance relationship. As an established gamer, here are some gamer date ideas that I think you should try.

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Multiplayer Gaming

Teamwork makes the dream work. I love playing multiplayer and coop games with my partner, whether it’s Rocket League, Call of Duty, or Fortnite. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to be in the same house, town, or even country to play. The beauty of multiplayer gaming is that you can choose to play on the same team rather than against each other. You’ll be working together with your potential life partner, to see how well you really work as a team.

Now that my partner and I live in the same house, we can’t play console games the way we used to, and now struggle to find quality coop games. There are also some great apps you can use to play collaboratively if you don’t have access to consoles, or rather the same console!

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Head to head games

Perhaps you are a little more competitive. Perhaps you’re the kind to play board games, or go bowling on a face to face date night. Of course you could play against each other on classic console games like Mario Kart. However, I love playing competitive games via mobile apps, like Scrabble or Words with Friends.

Gamers dating through apps means that the date doesn’t have to end, and you’re not limited by time zones. I’ve had games last for weeks. What a great way to keep in daily contact with someone that isn’t an awkward ‘hey… you ok?…what you up to?’

Private chat while you play

I think we’re all a little exhausted with video chatting apps. I always feel uncomfortable, as if my whole attention needs to be on the person I’m talking to, and I quickly run out of things to say. The last online dating idea is so straightforward, especially as a RPG lover like me. Why not simply talk through headsets while playing single player games? Even better if you’re playing the same game too!

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So if you can spend hours at a time, immersed in the world of your favourite game, why not do it with a potential partner? You never know, these gamer date ideas might bring you closer than ever.



    • Georgia Alzapiedi

      Meeting someone personally definitely has its benefits, but in the restrictions of the pandemic, we have to find other ways to get to know each other.
      Plus, some people meet on holiday and then have long distance relationships. Got to keep the love alive somehow!

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