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How to Pack your Bag for a Summer Day Out

Gifted| Are you the kind of person who realises you’ve forgotten your headphones as you strap yourself in for your flight? The kind of person who, despite the weather forecast telling you it’s going to pour, still manages to leave the house without an umbrella? If so, you are just like me.

Dan and I have been travelling through the UK and beyond for a little over 4 years. By now, I’d have thought that I always remember everything I need for a trip. Nope. I once forgot to bring a swimsuit to a hotel with a pool and spa. I always forget to hydrate. One day, I’m sure I’ll forget Dan.

Since summer 2020 is a little bit of a write off, I expect many of us will be settling with a July and August in our own back gardens, or making the most of local attractions (the ones that are open, that is) by taking some day trips. Although you won’t need as much luggage on a day trip in comparison to a week away, it’s a certainty that you will need to take a bag of stuff. So, without further ado, here is a list of the essentials you should pack your bag with for a summer day out!


Get yourself a couple of large bottles to fill up with water before you leave; the ones with a clip to attach to your backpack are ace. Bottles that are stainless steel are much more eco-friendly than your classic plastic bottle, but if you have one lying around, an old plastic bottle can be a useful reserve bottle to keep in the car.

Sun cream

Another ‘bottle’ you would probably forget is sun cream. I’m awful for leaving sun cream at home, or forgetting to put it on while I’m out, but if you want to protect yourself from those insidious UV rays, you must make sure you grab a bottle when you pack your bag. Skin cancer is actually the most common type of cancer in the UK, and if you are like me – pale skinned, blonde, blue eyed – you are most at risk, especially if you have been burnt in the past.

If you have olive, brown, or black skin, with brown eyes and brown or black hair, you have greater levels of melanin in your body, and have an increased level of protection. I’d still bring a bottle of sun cream, just in case, though!


The next thing you should make sure you pack are some snacks, especially if you are going to be out for a long time. Summer can be a great time to go hiking mountains or coastal paths. However, the pubs and cafes you might have visited along the way could still be closed, and as the summer progresses, some might never open their doors again.

As important as it is to stay hydrated in the summer, it is also important to keep your sodium and sugar levels up. I’m a nightmare for heat and sun stroke, and it’s always worse when I haven’t eaten and drank enough during the day.

Therefore, when you pack your bag, slip in some snacks that won’t be too affected by the heat: crisps, rice cakes, cereal bars, or apples are all great options to give you a little energy boost.

Picnic blanket

What’s worse than deciding to take a pit stop on a walk, or getting to your destination, and realising the floor is damp? Or that it’s a little too muddy? Or the sand is hot?

In a world with no benches, a picnic blanket is your best friend. Some of them, like mine, are really handy in that they fold into a little package, making it easy to carry around. Unfortunately, mine is so old, that I’ve forgotten where I got it.

Tissues/wet wipes

Another essential to remember when you pack your bag are some sort of tissue or wet wipe, especially if you happen to have a dog, a child, or a habit of being rather unlucky. Whether you spill juice down yourself, happen to trip into a mud puddle, or simply have a runny nose wipes are a life saver.

As pollen counts are high, you hay fever sufferers need to make sure you have a pack to hand.

Poop bags

Lastly, it’s not something obvious. We all know the song, right: what do you do if you need to do a poo, in the English country garden? Well, what do you do?

Sometimes, when hiking, or camping, nature calls unexpectedly. It’s even worse if for those who suffer from intestinal problems like Chron disease or IBS. With there being a genuine chance that pubs, cafes, or public toilets being closed, it’s well worth you stocking up with some gear like this by Paper bag co.

At least you could have a giggle while scooping up human poop!

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.


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