Pupdates with Ted: Two years

Can you believe that Ted has been a part of our lives for two whole years? Well, technically a little more since he was born in December, but 2nd February is Ted’s new home anniversary.

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In the last year, Ted has settled into a solid daily routine. He doesn’t need his morning walk to tire him out anymore; he happily comes downstairs, goes to the toilet, has his breakfast, then makes his way back up to snooze on Dan’s pillow until he wakes up. He loves his walks over the park with Dan, but has found himself victim to a couple of run ins with bigger dogs – leading to some close calls between us and the owners!

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Ted has also become something of an adventurer. We’re giving him much more freedom off the lead now in comparison to last year, as we can trust him to come back when we call. He’s also now been to five different locations on holidays, and is desperate to flex his explorative nostrils again this year.

The biggest change for Ted this year is the birth of his new little sister… a human sister. It’s still early days, so Ted is trying to find his feet, and his new role in the household. I’m not sure Ted is ready to be third place after Dan and his sister. I’m still bottom of the pile, though.

The Pupdate

Last year, as with all our pupdates, we set ourselves a few little targets to try and achieve. What with the shock of 2020, I think it’s been a generally positive year for our Ted.

A smooth castration operation

We were hoping for an operation with no complications and an easy recovery. Although the whole experience was quite traumatic – for me and for Ted – he came out on the other side a happy, healthy doggo.

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Being well behaved on his holiday in February

In early February, we took Ted on a trip to Centre Parcs in Suffolk, where he spent the weekend hanging out with Rolo, his bestie. Both boys were very well behaved, especially since they ended up having to spend almost all of their time shut in the chalet while we were at the pool or out for dinner. I was quite disappointed that Centre Parcs wasn’t as dog-friendly as it makes itself out to be!

Coping with us being on holiday without him

Well, this didn’t happen, did it? It’s hard to say that 2020 was the best year of Ted’s life, since he is only two, but he has had both me and Dan at home with him for almost six months this year. Instead, we took Ted on a holiday to Dorset, where we had a whale of a time.

Winning rosettes in a dog show

Again, not something we managed for this year due to Covid, but maybe we’ll do it one day in the future.

Plans for the future

Who really knows what 2021 has in store for us, but we can have a go at setting a few goals for the year.

  • Stop licking his sister’s face – Ted doesn’t quite understand yet that he cannot lick a baby. It’s something we are working on already, and we hope he gets it soon.
  • Explore some new UK locations, perhaps even going on a ferry for the first time.

Let’s hope Ted’s third year with us is as good as his first two! Follow Ted’s account for future updates, otherwise, see you next February.


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