Pupdates with Ted – Six Months

As Ted was settling in to dog life when I posted our three month pupdate, I only set three targets for him to achieve before this post. I thought, if we only had three to focus on, we might have a better chance of success than if I set five or ten targets.

  • I’d like to move Ted from the puppy starter class to the more advanced class, and see him nail the skills.

Here was an easy one. Ted is actually pretty clever, so picked up on the puppy class skills quite quickly. Now, Ted can sit, stand, lay down, stay, heel, recognise his own name, and come to us when we call. The only thing he found a bit of a struggle was the concept of laying down, but after some perseverance, we’ve worked it all out.

  • Hopefully we’ll be able to take Ted on an adventure, so a successful trip staying in a lodge or b&b for the night is definitely a target.

Again, this was another easy one to complete, since it mostly relies on me buying a holiday! During May Bank Holiday, we took a trip to Suffolk to get Ted used to travelling in the car for a long time and sleeping in a new place.

We realised that taking down and setting up his crate was a bit of a pain, and our biggest challenge was transporting Ted’s raw food across the country and keeping it cool or frozen. We’re yet to work that one out, but I guess it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Ted.

During that weekend, Ted learnt that sometimes he has to poop in an area that he’s not used to, and it means he’s got much better at home. He also learnt that sometimes, he just has to sit on the floor and wait while we eat.

  • Ted needs to settle during the day long enough to let Dan sleep until 1pm – night worker problems!

Here’s one we haven’t been able to perfect. After Ted’s escape from his pen, we gave him free run of upstairs. He then developed an insatiable need to scratch to try and get onto our bed. To solve that problem, we bought the cutest doggy stairs, which worked for a few days.

But now, Ted gets bored and desperate for a tinkle by about 10.30am, so Dan’s surviving on 4 hours sleep and an afternoon nap when I get home from work. Not ideal, really.

I guess, in the words of Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad!

The next official pupdate will be on Ted’s first birthday, so we have six months to boss through the following targets.

  • We want him to get into a good routine for the morning, so Dan can catch a few more winks.
  • Move from the Puppy Improver to Beginner’s Obedience class.
  • Have a smooth trip to Wales this summer with no doggy accidents in the back of my car or the accommodation, and no destruction to the rooms.

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