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Pupdates With Ted – Three Months

In our last post about Ted, he’d been with us for two weeks and was settling in well. I listed the following next steps, and although I didn’t set a target date, the three month mark is as good as any. Be warned, cute pictures and videos are coming!

  • We need to teach Ted to stay in his play pen and expand the size of the pen so he learns to be on his own downstairs without eating the sofa.

Ted lasted about a month and a half in his pen downstairs before we became fed up with having to dodge a metal cage every day, so we moved him upstairs, transforming our spare room into a doggy bedroom. Ted managed a full three days in the play pen but ultimately decided it wasn’t for him, as he pulled off the greatest escape since, well, The Great Escape.

Now, Ted has free reign of the upstairs, and potters about between our bedroom and his room like a little prince.

  • We’d love Ted to make it to the toilet all the time.

In the time between the last post and now, Ted unfortunately had his greatest accident yet… On the way back from his first puppy class, he realised he couldn’t hold it any longer and erupted in a stinky mess all over the back of my car. The poor little thing cried his heart out, and spent the rest of the night feeling really sorry for himself, whilst poor little me scrubbed poop off my car seat.

Now, occasionally when he’s excited by Dan’s workmate arriving at the door, a new toy, or some chicken, Ted will have a little accident. But for the most part, Ted is now pretty good at avoiding pees and poos on the floor. In actual fact, he hasn’t had a poop on the floor in weeks!

Dan always talks about how good Ted is at holding it in, and I think we got lucky this time.

  • He needs to meet new dogs. So we need to make sure he doesn’t get anxious or frightened when in the big bad world around other dogs.

Despite weighing only 3kgs, Ted has balls (not literally though, as they’re yet to present themselves) and will fuss to meet any human and any dog he comes across.

We’ve had a few dramas: he’s been snapped at by a pug cross; he’s been speared into the air by a schnauzer; he’s been almost stomped on by a Labrador puppy four times his size, but he still leaps forward to say hello to new dogs.

Ted’s also finally met his cousin Rolo, a miniature daschund, and they are the best of friends. Lucky for Ted (and Rolo) Dan’s sister kindly looked after him while we went on holiday last month, so the boys got a whole week to play together – and they loved it!

  • My fingers are starting to hurt, so we need to work on limiting his nipping habit.

Now, I have no idea how we managed it, but Ted is slightly less chewy than he used to be. Yes, we still suffer the odd crunch, but Ted’s proving to be more of a lover than a biter, usually spending his time trying to lick our face rather than chomp on it.

  • Start puppy classes. Our goal is for Ted to be a brilliantly trained dog, so we are going to commit to puppy classes and perhaps progress if it works!

His first puppy class ended in a disaster (see earlier!) and the second wasn’t much better as he ignored almost all commands, but by week three, Ted had nailed it.

We take him to half hourly sessions at Billericay Dog Training Centre on a Sunday morning to practise basic commands – sit, stay, heel, down, and recall – and he’s been showing off his new tricks to everyone we see.

For three months of hard graft, I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Ted is growing up really quickly, has developed a hilarious personality, and has made an enormous difference to our lives.

By the six month pupdate…

  • Ted needs to settle during the day long enough to let Dan sleep until 1pm – night worker problems!
  • I’d like to move Ted from the puppy starter class to the more advanced class, and see him nail the skills.
  • Hopefully we’ll be able to take Ted on an adventure, so a successful trip staying in a lodge or b&b for the night is definitely a target.

If you want to see more super cute snaps of our pup, follow Ted on Instagram by clicking here.


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