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Our stay at Thatched Farm Bed and Breakfast – review

Following a discussion we had in Lanzarote, Dan and I decided to take Ted (the dog) away for the weekend as a trial run for our summer trip to Wales. We picked Woodbridge – somewhere not too far from home, and I booked Thatched Farm Bed and Breakfast on a whim through, not really knowing what to expect.

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Hiding between fields, the B&B is a short distance from the centre of Woodbridge, although almost entirely inaccessible by public transport – you’d need a car to navigate the winding country roads, unless you fancy walking for over an hour. What struck us first was the large lawn of fresh emerald grass in front of the cottages, and I knew this would be a brilliant location for Ted to spend the weekend.

We met Helen who directed us to our parking spot outside Bluebell, and led us inside our cottage. We’d looked at pictures online, but I hadn’t anticipated that we would have a small, terraced studio cottage to ourselves, fully supplied with towels and shower gels in the bathroom, cutlery and crockery in the kitchen, and thick blankets in the bedroom. Although it was small, it was cosy – once we’d got the heating on and a cup of tea. The windows are not double glazed, so on a chilly May afternoon, there was a significant draught. I particularly liked the exposed beams in the room; it made me feel as though I were truly in the countryside.

We were asked to keep Ted on a lead as we explored the grounds for the benefit of the wildlife that reside there, although there is not dog proof fencing to keep him in the area anyway. In the front lawn, there is a pond which is the home of a few mallard ducks that Ted decided were a severe threat to our safety, and we saw an array of great tits and squirrels. One night while I took Ted out to the toilet, I even stumbled across a pair of fox height eyes in the darkness.

Speaking of nights, the first at Thatched Farm Bed and Breakfast was ice cold. We set up Ted’s crate in the centre of the room and realised that it was actually really chilly in there, so we used the blankets to stop the draught and cover the crate in an attempt to warm it up. Alas we realised that we had to turn up the heaters, and as a consequence, we woke up in pools of sweat. I’m sure nights there would be a lot more comfortable in warmer weather!

To make up for the rather awkward night’s sleep, Helen cooked a mean breakfast. We were allowed to bring Ted into the breakfast area with us, since we reassured her that he would behave, and he did. Thatched Cottage requires its guests to select their breakfast options the night before, so on the first night I opted for scrambled egg with smoked salmon on a toasted muffin, and the second, since it was a weekday, I went for fruit, yoghurt and museli.

Both meals were delicious, but I must admit, I did prefer the salmon. I’d even managed to influence Dan to break away from a full fry up to give it a try. They did offer pancakes with honey or syrup, but I was trying to eat a bit cleaner than scoffing down a breakfast dessert.


I really enjoyed our stay at Thatched Farm Bed & Breakfast – while having our own space, avoiding disturbance from other guests and staff, we still were able to enjoy a little service at breakfast time. Plus, the grounds were a lovely addition, and we’re lucky the weather was clear enough for us to make use of it.

Would I come back? I think so.


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