Five Yorkshire Locations Worth Visiting This Summer

I'm no expert, but I've been on a few trips to Yorkshire over the past couple of years, and have built up a little cache of attractions to recommend to potential Yorkshire visitors. If you're off to visit England's largest county, check out my recommendations - you might find somewhere you fancy. 5. Coldstones Cut… Continue reading Five Yorkshire Locations Worth Visiting This Summer


What To Do At Sutton Hoo

Situated at the edge of the Suffolk Coast and country Area of National Beauty, Sutton Hoo is one of Britain's most important historical locations. Although it doesn't have the mystique of Stonehenge, or sheer vastness of Hadrian's Wall, Sutton Hoo is an important location, primarily for the ancient Kingdom of East Anglia, as it is… Continue reading What To Do At Sutton Hoo


Travel Diary: Thames Estuary

When looking for beautiful locations in England, I know the Thames Estuary doesn't usually feature in the top ten. Most likely, if you think of the Thames, you'll think of the centre of London, or the brown water and industry of Thurrock, Dartford and Tilbury Docks. But carry on fifteen more minutes along the C2C train line, and you might be surprised. Though not a walk along Whitby Bay, the familiar White Cliffs of Dover, or the stunning Cornish sea side, the Thames Estuary is totally an ice cream sundae: a fairly long walk for people of basic fitness, coated in the gorgeous Essex landscape, with sprinkles of history, all served in a sea side cone.