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The Woodfield Arms, Chepstow – accommodation review

The Woodfield Arms couldn’t be better positioned. Directly opposite the ancient building is Chepstow castle – the oldest stone fortress in the UK – and a huge car park. Even on an early August afternoon, we were able to easily find a parking space.

On entering the hotel, I was struck by the dark wood, antique furnishings of the pub. It’s not a typical Wetherspoons type, with sticky carpets and a stale ale smell. No, The Woodfield Arms has a traditional charm. I particularly liked the collection of books, cleverly positioned beside an armchair.

Green leather armchair and dark wood furniture in a pub.

However, in no time, we were checked in and taken up to our room. Not before the man working at the bar promised that we could use their freezer to store our raw dog food.

Our room was number 6, at the very top of the hotel. Not an easy trip for two people with two bags each, dog supplies, a cooler, and the actual dog. The hotel room itself was spacious and spotless. We were even treated to a decanter of fresh water in the corner. As a woman, I would have liked a larger mirror than the one we had, but it didn’t make that much of a difference to my stay.

I particularly liked the wonky floors under foot. It was an entertaining reminder that The Woodfield Arms dates back to 1648, and we were staying in a little snippet of history.

Double bed in basic room of pub hotel.

After feeding Ted and charging our phones, we decided to explore a little. On our way up to our room, we passed what looked like a garden. Since the August evening sun was glorious, and we wouldn’t be driving again that day, we decided on a drink in the garden.

And what a beautiful garden it is. Literally everything screamed my aesthetic: fishpond, bistro tables, rock wall, colourful bushes and ferns, fairy lights, vintage street lamp posts. Dan could tell I was in my element as we relaxed, chatted, and sipped on Cokes.

A line of bistro tables and chairs in a pub courtyard in summer.

Then, after a satisfactory night sleep – due to the heat – we ventured downstairs for breakfast. The Woodfield Arms offer both cooked and continental breakfasts, which is a lovely touch for a small hotel. I asked for an English muffin with my ‘The Woodfield Breakfast’ and was informed they had run out. My disappointment only lasted a few moments though, as the meal was delicious enough without one.

Breakfast menu at The Woodfield Arms, Chepstow

Our stay in Chepstow was whistle-stop. We arrived too late to see any of the local attractions, and left for Tintern Abbey too early for us to explore the following day. Were we to find ourselves in Monmouthshire again, The Woodfield Arms will certainly have to expect us again.

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