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Book a UK staycation over a holiday abroad today

The travel industry is changing. Package holidays are becoming more expensive; we’re becoming more conscious of the way we impact the Earth; that pandemic. Many of us who wouldn’t bat an eyelid about booking a flight to a tropical location might be having second thoughts, so now is the perfect time to book a UK staycation over a holiday abroad.

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A staycation is defined as either a holiday in your home country, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. The beauty and quality of the UK is often overlooked in favour of more famous foreign shores, but there are a collection of reasons a staycation might be the better option.

The Landscape

Firstly, the British landscape is awe-inspiring. It’s inspired artists, poets, and musicians for centuries; from the mountains of the Scottish Highlands, to the beaches of Cornwall, Britain’s landscape is one everyone who lives here should take the time to see. What better way than to do this on a UK staycation?

Britain’s geography and history surely sets us apart from other countries – just take the incredible valleys of South Wales. They’re Britain’s only mountainous coal fields, were industrialised during the Victorian era, then closed and essentially abandoned in the 80s. The remnants of the industry are a fascinating must see.

Or consider the lakes and mountains of Cumbria or northern Scotland. The views are so dramatic that they’ve inspired some of the greats like J.M.W Turner and Wordsworth. You could spend weeks there walking the fells and still not see every spot or view.

staycation destination lake in centre of mountains

Moreover, each county seems to have its own personality and quirks, as well as cool independent shops and trinkets: you might want to pop to the Lake District for some Kendal mint cake, Derbyshire for bakewell tarts, and Essex for some Tiptree jam.

The Attractions

If immersing yourself in the landscape isn’t quite your cup of tea, the UK is home to some amazing must-see attractions. My first choice would be something historical – we have a thousand years’ worth of castles to visit, or historical houses. Likewise, Britain is home to fascinating ancient cities, like York, Winchester, and London. There, history and modernity combine to make a fun-filled destination for a holiday – where else could you party in a bar that once was a church? Or take selfies where a medieval king lived?

green bridge on seawater with ellizabeth s tower during sunrise
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However, if you don’t like Britain’s rich culture, and prefer a UK staycation with an adrenaline rush, we have some of the best theme parks in Europe that you could visit. I’ve only been to Chessington and Legoland, but I’ve heard very few complaints about Thorpe Park or Alton Towers.

Perhaps the must do destination holiday of the UK is the seaside town, lined with slightly tacky but charming arcades. Many of the promenades sport independent chippies, pubs and bars, and we all know there’s nothing better than tucking into a seaside Mr Whippy ice cream, with sauce and a flake, while sitting on the beach wall. Plus, there’s no attraction so quintessentially British as taking a walk along the pier on a summer afternoon.

The Ease

Truly though, a huge pull towards staycations for me is how straightforward they can be. Instead of the hassle of airports and transfers, all locations are within day’s drive away. Our public transport system is pretty good too, so although it can be pricey, it wouldn’t take too long for you to pop to a neighbouring city.

You might even find it easier to holiday in the UK with a larger party. If you book a large cottage or apartment, or some accommodation in a self catering resort, even grandma and grandpa might be able to spend a few days away with you. After all, isn’t holidaying a time for family as well as exploring?

No one can deny that it’s easier to travel around an area where the locals speak the same language, where the laws are the same, where the currency is the same, where they drive on the correct side of the road. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible experience to visit other countries and cultures, but it comes with stresses that you just don’t get while rambling through the UK, especially in a large group.

brighton palace pier staycation destination
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Of course you could book a flight elsewhere, but I’m sure, if you booked a UK staycation over a holiday abroad today, you wouldn’t regret it!


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  • The Sacred Space AP

    York is meant to be beautiful! And I also love the countryside.
    York is on my UK getaway list.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Madi Dearson

    I agree with you that sometimes a local vacation is just easier, my least favorite part is the whole airport routine that makes a weekend getaway even shorter than it already is. I have only been to the London area and I can’t wait to get back to the UK and venture out. It is definitely on my must list.

  • Clazz - An Orcadian Abroad

    Great post! There are so many places I want to see in the UK – I’ve still never been to Cornwall! And I’ve seen very little of Wales. I don’t actually like going abroad in the summer (it’s way more expensive and everywhere’s busy lol) so I like the idea of staying closer to home but still exploring. πŸ™‚

    • George@BritVoyage

      I haven’t been to Cornwall since I was a child. I’m currently in Pembrokeshire, which is lovely. I really want to visit Northumberland.
      That is so true, plus the summer heat abroad can be really oppressive for folk who are used to <20c and drizzle.
      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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