What Bloggers Love About Britain – May 2019

This month’s featured blogger is Hannah, a fabulous blogger and an Essex resident, like me. Hannah writes illuminating reviews of books, eateries, experiences, and travel, and has a gorgeous Instagram page. Read on to find out what she loves about Britain!

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Growing up in Britain it can be easy to forget what I like about it – especially with everything going on politically right now! I tend to want to escape abroad as much as I can, but when I think about I realise there’s loads I love about our tiny, eclectic country in the North Sea. Here’s just a few…

The Sunshine Coast

I’m lucky enough to live on the Sunshine Coast, known as that because it gets the most sunshine out of the whole country. Not only that but the beaches are so pretty down here, with soft yellow sands and a sea that’s lovely to swim in (albeit cold). I particularly like my local beach, Walton-on-the-Naze, because it’s quite common to find sharks teeth and other cool things amongst the shingle!

Our quintessentially British culture

Sometimes I forget about our culture as I live and breathe it daily but it’s something that I really love about Britain – our love of tea, our obsession with queuing, our inability to refrain from talking about the weather for 10 minutes or more… Foreigners often laugh at our strange ways, but it makes us unique and I wouldn’t have us any other way.

Our “oldy-worldy” villages

When people think of Britain they often think of beautiful, cobblestone streets lined with quaint cottages. It’s an iconic image that I hope we’ll retain over here, as it gives an interesting glimpse into our history and architecture.  The Cotswolds is most renowned for this aesthetic and is one place in Britain I simply can’t wait to visit!

The rolling hills of the West

Living on the East coast I don’t explore the West as much as I should, but whenever I do I get that same excitement as always seeing those beautiful rolling hills start to form. I spent a lot of my childhood in Wales with its gorgeous cliffs, and I could never get bored of the wavy landscapes in the Devon and Cornwall areas. Tough on the legs, but they make for stunning scenery.

Our diverse range of accents

I still find it fascinating that we have so many dialects and accents here – over 160 in total! I thought this was common in all countries but I’ve discovered recently that it’s not. I love how different each accent is (even though I still struggle to understand some of them still) and find it so interesting how my local town has a noticeably different accent to a city 20 miles up the road!

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