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Why autumn is my favourite season

For me, autumn always feels like a fresh start. That’s why I love it.

Autumn is generally associated with mid-life in literature and the arts. Where vegetables mature and are harvested, we, people, characters, also mature. So, how could it possibly feel like a fresh start? How could the point where we creep towards endless cold and darkness possibly feel fresh?

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Let’s start with nature. More rain and cooler weather means less humidity. The climate may be cooler, but it’s not cold – we can go out in a jacket, or hoodie, but no coat. Finally, we can walk the dog without absolutely sweating, or needing to stop for a drink! Plus, the damper weather kicks up a concoction of fresh, earthy scents.

Who doesn’t love the senses of autumn? Shades of green are pretty, yes, but not as mesmerising as the array of reds, golds, browns, and oranges. I love the crunch of dry leaves underneath my feet, and hearing the clonk of conkers bashing against each other. As the leaves fall, you might find that birds are easier to spot while they gorge themselves on nuts and seeds.

Autumn is the season for cute outfits too. I always feel a real buzz in replacing my summer wardrobe with cute jumpers, bodycon skirts, tights, and boots. You can’t go wrong with a lightweight autumn scarf, or cute felt hat to jazz up brown or black outfits.

Cream and black autumn outfit

For sure, fashion in autumn is much more comfortable… and stylish

I also find autumn a good time to revisit my warmer wardrobe and clear out the clothes that are knackered, or no longer fit. It’s the perfect time to donate older coats and knitwear to charity shops, refuges, or homeless shelters. After all, it might be called ‘spring cleaning’ but you can have a clear out at any time!

School starts in September. As summer starts to slowly ebb away, I’m thrown back into the world of hands up, marking, and phoning parents. Teachers have two ‘new years’ so to speak, and our autumn term is our opportunity to have another fresh start, to remodel ourselves for the new year. I’m able to implement new tactics and try new activities. I can clear out my classroom.

It’s also the time that I can stock up on tasty flavoured coffees and hot chocolates. I love that the toffee nut, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and gingerbread flavours start appearing in shops. There’s nothing better than a sweet, nutty taste in a coffee during break time. Well, perhaps if the coffee also has cream and marshmallows!

Autumn themed coffee with marshmallows

This year, why not embrace autumn? Get on your cutest outfit, and go for a walk in the countryside, making sure your route passes by a coffee shop. I will be!



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