What To Do At Sutton Hoo

Situated at the edge of the Suffolk Coast and country Area of National Beauty, Sutton Hoo is one of Britain's most important historical locations. Although it doesn't have the mystique of Stonehenge, or sheer vastness of Hadrian's Wall, Sutton Hoo is an important location, primarily for the ancient Kingdom of East Anglia, as it is… Continue reading What To Do At Sutton Hoo

City, England

Travel Diary: Visiting Canterbury

Canterbury is a city recognised in history as a site of pilgrimage. In Medieval England, people would travel to visit the shrine of the murdered Archbishop Thomas Becket, which was immortalised in Chaucer's epic poem, The Canterbury Tales. We only had a spring afternoon to make our pilgrimage, but we tried to pack in as… Continue reading Travel Diary: Visiting Canterbury