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Travel Diary: A Walk To Bronte Bridge

Nestled in the Pennines of West Yorkshire is a charming village, soaked in literary importance. Haworth is currently home to around 6000 people, but its most notable residents were Mr Brontë and his four children, Charlotte, author of Jane Eyre, Emily, author of Wuthering Heights, Anne, author of Agnes Grey, and the lesser well known,… Continue reading Travel Diary: A Walk To Bronte Bridge


Travel Diary: Wordsworth Walks

As I am sure most of the British population knows, The Lake District is associated with many famous literary figures, including, but not limited to Beatrix Potter, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and John Ruskin. But arguably, the most famous figure associated with the Lakes is the poet, William Wordsworth. Wordsworth left his mark all over the… Continue reading Travel Diary: Wordsworth Walks