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Six great places you should visit in East Berkshire

Guest Post| This post was written by Poppy who blogs at PoppyMaeHiggins. She is an East Berkshire local, and self-proclaimed ‘travel enthusiast and go-getter‘.

If you’re looking for a London getaway, without the hustle and bustle of the big city, East Berkshire is a great option. Less than 30 minutes from central London via train, you can easily take a day trip to any of these towns, or have an extended staycation as there’s plenty to do. If you have a car you can travel between these destinations, but if not, there are great transport links all over East Berkshire. Here are a few suggestions on where to visit.


Windsor is a town most notable for its Royal roots, Windsor castle stands tall in the town centre, and it sits along the River Thames. Windsor is a great day out for all ages, you must do the Long Walk for great views of the castle. You can then go shopping and have lunch at one of the many restaurants or cafes that Windsor boasts, or even take a boat ride on the Thames if that’s more your style. 

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You can tie Eton in with Windsor as they’re so close. Cross over Eton Bridge and take a stroll down the High Street, lined with classic British stores. You can also sit along the Thames and watch the boats ride past if it’s a nice day.


Datchet is also very close to Windsor and I didn’t think there was much there; whilst it is a small residential village, it is lovely to take a walk around and stop for lunch. You can take a walk along the Thames and enjoy the picturesque and community feel of Datchet.


Ascot is most famous for its Racecourse and is one of the ten most expensive towns in Britain to rent a property. It’s best to visit in the Summer, especially if you’re hoping to catch the racing. In Winter, Ascot is home to Lapland UK for an immersive Christmas experience. 

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Despite not technically being included in East Berkshire, Reading deserves a mention for it being the largest settlement in Berkshire and is easy enough to get to from most of the places on this list. It’s a few stops away from Slough (a town in East Berkshire with great train links) and easy to get to from London Paddington. 

There are plenty of shops, to visit, mostly in the Oracle shopping centre, as well as lovely views of the peaceful Thames. There are the ruins of the Abbey in Reading which you can visit, as well as the Bayeux tapestry in the museum (if history is more your thing). Reading is also home to plenty of music venues, nightclubs, and major sports clubs so you’ll always find plenty to be doing on your visit. 


This quiet village on the Thames is most famous for the annual Henley Royal Regatta, a series of boat races along the river. This event often attracts thousands of spectators, sometimes with Olympians competing. However, Henley is well worth a visit anytime of year, offering lovely historic views of the village from along the Thames. 

There are also boat hires along the Thames at certain times of the year so you can fully enjoy a peaceful ride along the river. Henley also has a quaint high street with little shops and cafes for you to visit as you drink in the surrounding area. It is no wonder it is surrounded by homes and mansions for the rich and famous!

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If you want to be close enough to London without actually being in London, or you want a staycation out of the city, I definitely recommend East Berkshire! With so much to do and so many places to visit, it’s easy enough to spend a good few days here.

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